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A word about Montréal

Cosmopolitan city of innovation

At the confluence of North America and Europe, Montréal is where the world comes to meet and exchange ideas in a safe, friendly, and easy to navigate environment.

Infused with Old World charm and New World energy, French-speaking Montréal is a cosmopolitan city of innovation that attracts some of the best and brightest minds from across the globe.

The year 2017 will be exceptional in Montréal. Not only will the city be celebrating its 375th anniversary, but citizens and visitors alike will also be marking the 50th anniversaries of the Montréal Métro system and Expo 67 (the World Fair held in Montréal in 1967), as well as the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation. This landmark moment will showcase the city with exciting, new transformations fundamentally linked to water, road, rail, and air transport. As an exciting international destination whose history of progress has been directly related to its ability to create efficient transportation networks, Montréal can provide a uniquely inspiring atmosphere for the 2017 UITP Global Public Transport Summit.

Cultural, creative and innovative Montréal

Montréal and its metropolitan area – which is home to four million inhabitants – represent a strategic gateway to North America, a commercial, economic and touristic bridge between Europe and North America.

Montréal boasts a wide array of world-class restaurants offering local and international cuisine. Indeed, the city has long enjoyed a well-deserved reputation as a mecca for gastronomy.

Montréal is also renowned for its impressive slate of cultural activities.

Throughout the year, numerous festivals attract millions of visitors from all over the world: International Jazz Festival, Francofolies, Just for Laughs Festival, Montréal complètement cirque, Montréal HighLights Fest. Music, comedy, circus and street arts, gastronomy, these are all good reasons for people to get together and celebrate Montréal’s joie de vivre.

Many leading edge sectors contribute to the metropolitan areas’ economic vitality, namely the aerospace, life sciences and healthcare industries, as well as clean technologies, among others.

Furthermore, as early as 2017, Montréal is intent on becoming a world-renowned leader among digital, smart cities. On its way to reaching that goal, Montréal was designated Intelligent Community of the Year by ICF in June 2016.

Evolution of public transport

Montréal has enjoyed public transportation for over 150 years. Today, the metropolitan area is shifting toward integrated mobility. The goal is to offer diversified modes of public transport, together with an environment conducive to active transport on the part of the citizens, while pursuing efforts to implement traffic calming measures along with infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians.

Clearly, Montréal is intent on distinguishing itself as a city of innovation by favouring new technologies and, above all, transportation electrification.

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