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The 2015 UITP Awards in figures: 200 applications and 7 awards!

The winners of the 2015 Global Public Transport Awards were announced on 10 June 2015 at the 61st UITP World Congress & Exhibition in Milan, Italy.
An international jury of public transport experts evaluated the submissions and presented awards to for following projects:



FEDERAÇAO DAS EMPRESAS DE TRANSPORTES DE PASSAGEIROS DO ESTADO DO RIO DE JANEIRO - FETRANSPOR (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), for the project ‘Reshaping mobility demand in Rio with a BRT network’.

Recognition for the completion of two BRT lines by 2014, and the 157km BRT network by 2016, based on a long-term strategy that will allow the city to meet the challenge of a growing economy and demographics in the years to come.

WIENER STADTWERKE & CO KG (Vienna, Austria), for the project ‘SMILE – Smart Mobility Info & Ticketing System Leading the Way for Effective E-Mobility Services’.

Recognition for its innovative integrated mobility platform, which is open for all types of mobility services. It offers a unique service to customers by integrating different mobility services with public transport. Built on a strong partnership with key actors in the sector, it offers integrated real-time information, booking and ticketing.

TRANSPORT FOR LONDON, BARCLAYCARD, CUBIC (London, UK), for the project ‘Acceptance of contactless payment cards for Pay as you go travel on London’s public transport network’.

Recognition for their contribution to the deployment of contactless payment cards in London, which led to more efficient operations, increased customer satisfaction and decreased costs related to revenue collection. Among this project’s most remarkable achievements are: the negotiation of the transit transaction model, the ability of the system to support the local transport smartcard (Oyster), the national transport smartcard (ITSO), and contactless payment cards.

SOLARIS BUS & COACH S.A. (Owinska, Poland), for the project ‘The new Solaris Urbino’.

Recognition for the original exterior style and carefully designed interior details of the new Solaris Urbino, a standard bus that enhances the customer experience. The new Solaris Urbino is the result of an outstanding design management process.

LAND TRANSPORT AUTHORITY (Singapore), for the project ‘Travel Smart Programme’.

Recognition for its comprehensive, demand-management programme, which encourages commuters to plan reschedule their trips to off-peak periods, rethink their transport mode, and take advantage of financial incentives, rewards and gaming that reduce travel demand altogether. These complement supply-side measures to increase transport capacity.

KAYSERY ULASIM (Kayseri, Turkey), for the project ‘Innovative Financing of Public Transport’.

Recognition for its ability to diversify revenues and open up to alternatives sources of financing, tunnelling revenues from fines, and creating additional revenues from renting fibre optics deployed on its network. These new revenues allowed to KAYSERY cover 13% of its expenditure in 2014.

TRANSPORTES DE LISBOA/ METROPOLITANO DE LISBOA (Lisbon, Portugal), for the project ‘Public Transport Campaign in University Campuses’.

Recognition for its commitment to instil a new sustainable mobility culture among youth, and to teach young people the long-term socio-economic advantages of public transport. The ‘Public Transport Campaign on University campuses’ has a large potential for implementation elsewhere as it is part of CIVITAS.

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