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SYNTONY Corporation

Syntony is a game changer providing high performance solutions for underground and confined environment location


SubWave+ is the brand-new solution proposed by Syntony GNSS, offering underground precise location for everybody, which worldwide première is announced at UITP Montreal 2017.

SubWave+ is the sister product of SubWave, an operational solution also designed by Syntony and already deployed in 100% of the underground stations of the Stockholm metro. Subwave makes it possible to locate emergency calls and metro agents underground. SubWave brings zone based location capability and seamless indoor/outdoor transition, and is compatible with 100% of TETRA, train or car GPS, and smartphones receivers without any application download or upgrade.

Similarly to SubWave, SubWave+ brings GPS compatibility, but in addition, it offers high  precision.

SubWave+ extends the coverage of GPS constellations indoor, sharing with the telecommunication system the radiating cables already installed in the station or the tunnels, and plugs into your control system. It is easy to install, quick to deploy and has limited maintenance providing you with unbeatable TCO.

SubWave+ has been specifically designed for your specific routine operations or ad hoc concerns:

  • Guiding passengers in smart cities, facilitate handicapped people transit, rescue injured people in station’s corridors…
  • Position staff or trains inside tunnels and discriminate between tracks to avoid that your maintenance staff on duty is endangered by trains while working on tracks…
  • SubWave+ works also in road tunnels context, allowing cars, bus and trucks location, and precise guidance.
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