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is a one-stop innovation hub, gathering some of the most remarkable projects and bright ideas to foster innovation in public transport.

The projects and initiatives listed below are all part of InnovHub. Follow the InnovHub bulb at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit to find them easily and unlock the future of public transport!


Autonomous shuttles test ride

Discover the autonomous shuttles from Easymile and Navya

World premieres

Genuine ‘world first’ unveilings


Discover the Urban Mobility Innovation Index

Global Public Transport Awards

Let's celebrate the leaders of the transition

Y4PT Global Transport Hackathon

How will tech-savvy youth of today solve the problems of tomorrow?

Research and Innovation projects

Research & Innovation projects that advance the sector

Photo contest

Public transport innovation has never looked this good!

Innovation guided tours

Guided tours across the Exhibition following specific paths dedicated to innovation

New mobility players

Who are these new mobility players?

Poster sessions

Large displays that demonstrate the process and results of a work of research.

Key conference sessions

Get inspired by the pioneers of the industry!

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