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Biographical note
Yossi is a marketing and sales leader with extensive experience guiding small and large companies to address market needs using technology innovation, by analyzing trends and customers’ needs. Yossi has over 25 years of experience, with proven success across five continents, generating results and change in multiple domains, like: systems management, medical devices, and transportation. Yossi now leads the marketing and sales for Optibus, a young innovative company that addresses the current and future need of passengers and operators for flexible and dynamic public transportation. Yossi holds an engineering degree in Computer Science, a BA in business, and an Executive MBA from San Diego State University.


Presentation: Dynamic Scheduling for the Autonomous Public Transportation Era
Autonomous driving is here. A few more technical enhancements, a little push on regulation, some more emphasis on education. But it’s coming, faster than we realize. However, with the introduction of this technology many tend to focus on the impact it will have on personal cars, where in fact public transportation could very well be the segment leading the way adopting the new technology. It is obvious that bus operators will benefit greatly from using the autonomous technology, as the cost of drivers will be reduced or eliminated. The bigger question is what impact it will have on passengers. Will taking the driver off the equation have any impact on how passengers use buses? And if so, what other technologies are needed to make it happen?

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