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Biographical note
Rubén Alvarado is the General Manager of Metro SA since September 29th, 2014. He is 57 years old and he is a Chemical Engineer from the University of Chile with a Master in Business Administration from the same University and a Master of Business Administration from the Tulane University, United States. He also has a Diploma in Organizational Happiness from the University Adolfo Ibañez.
Rubén Alvarado has held a senior executive positions as CEO in several companies such as El Teniente, Codelco (the first copper producer in the world) from 2000 to 2004, the Port of San Antonio (autonomous company from the state, whose purpose is the management, conservation and development of maritime-port activity in the San Antonio´s port), from 2005 – 2007, Alsacia & Express (bus operator of the Santiago´s integrated transport system) 2012-2013 and he was the Engineering & Maintenance Vice President at Lan Airlines (First Airlines Company in LATAM) from 2007 – 2012.

Presentation: Innovation of Metro de Santiago in supply of non-conventional renewable energies
In 2016, Metro de Santiago signed contracts with two suppliers of Non-Conventional Renewable Energy (NCRE). Together, the two projects will contribute about 60% of the power requirements of Metro for the next 15 years. Metro de Santiago is one of the pioneers in the matters incorporating such magnitude of clean energy in its consumption matrix. In terms of concrete impact, it is estimated that the two new contracts will generate emissions reductions at the country level on the order of 130,000 tonCO2e / year, since 2018 (equivalent to planting 7.8 million trees).

Presentation: The employee at the heart of the Metro. Generating emotional bond with our clients
In Chile as in the whole world, and linked to the explosion of social networks, the chilean society has changed. This is how Metro de Santiago had to adapt to a new context, where dissatisfaction prevails, with an empowered, demanding citizenship that demands more horizontal, participatory and non-hegemonic relations.
In this new scenario, Metro de Santiago has evolved in its relationship with its customers, change that needed inside the company. We have turned to establishing a closer link with our stakeholders, to listen and to work collaboratively. This moves inside and externally, is a seal that we want to permeate our way of relating.
Today, by the way, we care about the operation and maintenance indicators, the regularity of the service, in short, the operational excellence. But we put in the center of our decision to the customer. For example, we no longer measure only the number of failures, but how they impact on people who use our service and who, in many cases, depend on it on a daily basis.


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