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Biographical note
Magnus Broback studied Industrial Engineering & Management at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden and graduated MSc. in 1992. He has since then held a number of senior positions within the IT industry and the automotive sector. He has initiated and led several projects implementing new technologies supporting new solutions. Before joining Volvo buses, he led the development of the fleet management services for Volvo Trucks. In 2014 he joined the City Mobility team at Volvo Buses.
Within the present position the focus is on strategy and implementation of city mobility and electro mobility solutions in different cities with a global perspective.

Presentation: Volvo Bus – The Pioneer in Electromobility
Volvo Bus decided very early to develop an in-house solution for the hybrid drive-line. The system is called ISAM (Integrated Starter Alternator Motor) and was launched already 2009. At the point of time for introducing Euro VI buses – Volvo Bus, as the ONLY bus manufacturer, decided to offer low floor buses in Europe with hybrid technology only. It was at the time a very surprising and brave decision, but it now really starts to pay-off. Until today Volvo Bus has sold more than 3.100 Hybrid buses globally and is regarded as the leader in Electromobility. In Europe Volvo Bus’ market share is around 50% for those types of buses.

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