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Biographical note
Christa Ambrosius (1964) is Head of Marketing since 2011 at üstra. üstra serves more than 170 million passengers annually with light rails and busses. Christa holds for 20 years various functions within the local public transport, as Head of Marketing at KVG in Kassel, as Managing Director at Verkehrs- und Managementgesellschaft Nordhessen and as authorized representative of Regionalbahn Kassel. Christa has a wealth of experience and local public transport knowledge and sees herself with a lot of commitment and enthusiasm furthermore as advocate of the local public transport customer.

Presentation: üstra Discovery Map Source of Mobility Inspiration
The basic understanding of üstra on the journey into the digital future is that digital future platforms are modular systems which are intelligently networked, which – from the visitor perspective – are focused on the essentials and which transport the contents to where the user is. One of these numerous modules, which are connected in a digital overall infrastructure is the üstra discovery map. It is the centrepiece for offering the passengers and all persons interested a service that goes far beyond simple mobility services. It is the source of mobility inspiration and creates experiences which bring people together, by linking numerous digital services such as the email newsletter Fahrgemeinschaft. Ideally, such journey occasions become journey requests and ticket purchases. And since mobility normally happens on the way, these contents can as well be found in the app “myHannover”.

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