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Mohamed HEGAZY

Biographical note 
Transport for Cairo (TfC) develops localized data collection tools to map all of Egypt’s formal and informal transportation networks. It was co-founded by Mohamed Hegazy with the objective to enhance the quality of research and level of understanding of transit service provision in urban environments, to improve mobility and accessibility in Africa. Mohamed Hegazy specializes in combining the collection, integration, and analysis of data with public policy design and implementation to improve urban systems and quality of life. A passionate cyclist, Mohamed Hegazy was born in Cairo, Egypt where he graduated with a degree in Economics from the American University in Cairo in 2012, and is currently enrolled at Sciences Po in Paris, France.

Presentation: Mapping the mega city: a patchwork of individual solutions
A patchwork of individual solutions. How do citizens navigate the world’s biggest unmapped megacity? Thousands of formal buses & tens-of-thousands of informal minibuses & shared taxis compete for limited road space, creating chronic congestion in developing countries with disastrous impacts on the environment, on societies and  on citizens’ health.

In this talk, Hegazy describes Cairo’s urban transportation networks, the challenges faced in data collection and reveals how innovative mapping techniques & research created by Transport for Cairo (TfC) can transition Cairo towards a safe, clean, and affordable transport system.

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