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Biographical note

Eric Jeannière is managing the Modelling product line in Systra in France. He is a skilled all-round transport planner with 10 years’ experience, especially in transport economics and transport modeling.

He has been involved in many projects in countries across the world (Iran, Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, Ecuador, Mexico, Saudi Arabia) and of course in Europe. He has followed some research projects for which he has published papers in TRA and ATEC conferences. Eric is currently in charge of the traffic forecast on the Paris-Normandy rail project, and also brings his expertise on many urban and interurban transport projects. He has a strong technical background and is involved in the working level of many projects from highways and public transport studies ranging from the master planning level through to detailed design.

Presentation: Modelling the Future of Transport

The future shape of our cities and the supporting transport infrastructure will be increasingly underpinned by effective planning and efficient operations that can respond to the blending of mass transit, road-based public transport with the increasing use of automation and on-demand services.

The presentation will use evidence from recent and current projects conducted by Systra and MVA in Asia (that have not been presented before) to show how the traditional tools for planning, simulation and operations are becoming more closely aligned to better support integrated transport systems that can operate closer to their capacity limits. Case studies and simulations of several applications will illustrate how simulation and models used for decision support can improve network efficiencies, including subways stations (Hong Kong), Bus Rapid Transit (Vietnam), road pricing on roads (various), autonomous vehicles platooning (Singapore) and public transport interchanges (various) will be essential components in the operation of a future city.

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