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Biographical note
Timothy Papandreou is a recognised leader in transportation and land-use planning design, project management, business processes and operations in the US and Australia. He is a trusted adviser to non-government organizations, companies and governments on emerging transportation trends.

Timothy is currently leading strategic partnerships at Waymo, the Alphabet self-driving technology company. He was the Chief Innovation Officer for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. Timothy lead cross-functional teams responsible for creating the SFMTA’s six–year strategic work plan to meet the agency’s safety, mode shift, quality of life and economic prosperity goals. His teams integrated policies, business processes, funding and development agreements and street designs to optimize traffic safety, energy efficiency, active transport, shared mobility, public transport, employer buses, service deliveries and parking and lay the vision groundwork for self-driving vehicles and drones.

Presentation: Say Hello to Waymo – A New Way Forward in Mobility
An introduction to Waymo’s self-driving vehicles and their potential for the transportation system.

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