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Biographical note
Xavier Salort has been working with EasyMile for more than 2 years now, in charge of business development and commercial strategy for Europe and the US.
with a financial background, he previously spent 6 years in Boston working in the humanoid robotic field, within a company exploring solutions for children with autism.
He is passionate about smart transportation systems but overall shared mobility solution for transportation, and he strongly believes autonomous shared transport could change the way we move around. He dreams of cities where individual cars could be banned and citizens could enjoy a more livable environment.

Presentation:“Reclaiming cities for people” And how can we provide an efficient door to door system in our cities and suburbs
In cities around the world, the door-to-door journey remains one of the biggest challenge and too many people choose to use their own cars to travel. As a result, we observe congested, noisy, polluted and stressful cities. Urban residents spend hours stuck in traffic trying to go from point A to point B.
As the density is growing up very fastly and more and more people are living in big cities, it appears that the more convenient way for people to move around is public transportation. But the first and last mile remains a big question.
To answer that question, EasyMile has developed the EZ10, a 100% electrical and driverless shuttle. The purpose of the EZ10 is to compliment the already existing public transportation system in order to offer to the users the missing mobility link for the first and last mile, bringing them from their starting points to the nearest public transportation hubs.

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