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Biographical note 
For 15 years, Mr. David Torres has been providing communications solutions to the global public safety, transportation and utilities markets.  In 2012 he joined PowerTrunk, a division of Sepura Group and is currently the Senior VP Sales responsible for developing new business partnerships, distribution channels and market opportunities across Canada and the United States.  Mr. Torres holds a Bachelor’s of Commerce Information Systems from McGill University and MBA degrees from Columbia Business School and London Business School.

Presentation: Case Study for Digital TETRA Communications Network for Toronto Transit Commission
Safe and efficient public transit operations require the use of highly dependable radio networks for a variety of voice and data requirements.  When AVL and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) applications are added into the equation, even more network resources and processing power become involved.  Notwithstanding, communications reliability and worker and passenger safety criteria still need to be met by the network, while at the same time being cost-effective.  The TETRA network implemented by the Toronto Transit Commission is an example of the use of latest generation digital radio communications technology being employed to achieve such goals.  This presentation will present a case study of the Toronto Transit Commission TETRA network, which provides voice and data communication services both underground, for the metro, and above ground, for TTC’s bus and tram networks, including Wheel-Trans, a specialized accessible transit service.

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