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Forest YANG

Biographical note
Forest has over 20 years of experience in the transportation industry. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Canada and holds Master degrees in both Business Administration and Engineering. During his previous work as a researcher and consultant, he provided guidance and expertise in developing transit plans for more than 50 municipalities in Canada, US and China. As an innovative leader, Forest is always looking for new ways to improve customer experience and operational efficiency using various technologies. He is currently responsible for service planning and customer service at Strathcona County Transit and has been engaged in developing innovative service delivery alternatives in a suburban setting.

Presentation: Impact of Autonomous Vehicle Technology on Public Transit
This presentation will share Strathcona County’s experience in providing high quality transit services in a low-density suburban community. It will expand on current service strategies and discuss future opportunities to further improve customer experience and service productivity using available technologies. Based on a recent research of Autonomous Vehicle (AV) technology and extensive discussion with policy makers and transit leaders in North America, this presentation will also explore the potential impact of the AV technology on public transit agencies and services, and discuss what roles transit agencies could play to ensure efficient, innovative and integrated transportation services to our communities in the context of technologies.

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