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Biographical note
Mr. Atsushi Yokoyama is an executive officer, and director of Technology Planning Department and Research and Development Center of JR East Group for East Japan Railway Company (JR East). He was born in Tokyo in 1956. He graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology with a degree in civil engineering in 1981 and joined Japan National Railway (JNR), following the division and privatisation of JNR in 1987 he was assigned to JR East. After having experienced various management positions, mainly for track maintenance, he moved to the Paris Office as a director in 2008. Later, in 2011, he assumed the post of director of the Technical Center in JR East R&D Center and developed the “Smart Maintenance Vision”.

Presentation: Enhancing Customer Service by Supporting Call Center Operators with AI Technology
East Japan Railway Company (JR East) is working on innovation in quality of service, based on customer feedback, to improve customer satisfaction. JR East and IBM developed an operator support system using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in order to reduce response times and increase the response rate to customers from call centre operators. This system monitors the conversation between the operator and the customer, and presents related answers to the operator in real-time. In addition, the system can learn from the evaluations of operators to enable more accurate answers, through use of AI. Our future vision is to develop policies to support improved customer satisfaction by analysing big-data. In future, we will also develop an automatic reply system like a “Chat bot” to provide automated responses.

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