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Gang YU

Biographical note
Yu Gang, the current chairman of the Shenzhen Bus Group Co. Ltd., party secretary, senior economist, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business EMBA, part-time president of Shenzhen City Transport Association. Having worked in the Shenzhen SASAC, Shenzhen Metro Group Co. Ltd., Shenzhen Investment Holding Group, Shenzhen Bus Group, and as senior management personnel in large-scale state-owned enterprises for long time, he has extensive experience in enterprise strategic management, innovation and development, team building, implementation of execution, human resources management, etc.

Presentation: Bus electrification in Shenzhen
In 2009, Shenzhen began to demonstrate the promotion of new energy vehicles. Since then, it has never stopped the step, and became the city with the fastest promotion, largest scale and best run of new energy vehicles in China and even the world. The Shenzhen municipal government put forward to achieve full electrification for the city’s bus and taxi in three years in 2015. In the first half of 2017, Shenzhen will finish the basic replacement of the existing non pure electric vehicles, and then 15,000 buses in Shenzhen will be fully motorised. About this theme, I would like to share exploration and thinking about the whole urban bus electrification.

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