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AMT’s New Commuter Train Line: Mascouche Line

Duration: 3 h 30 (including travel round trip)
Number of participants: 40
Departures: 9:00 a.m.

The new Mascouche Line fills the permanent public transport infrastructure gap for the populations of eastern Montréal and the region’s north-eastern suburbs.

visit-7-amt_mascouche2    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This major AMT project required the construction of 10 new train stations, civil engineering structures and 13 km of new railway track.Operational since December 2014, this new commuter rail line offers a viable alternative to the single-occupant car and accommodates an average of 12,000 passengers per day.

Details of the visit:

Montréal section

This part of the visit will enable participants to better understand the challenges involved in building new train stations in a dense urban environment, and the difficulties of integrating infrastructures specific to passenger transportation on an active railroad track principally dedicated to the freight transport.

Northern section

Here, participants will see how the AMT succeeded in building a new railway line while minimizing impacts on the physical environment: construction of civil engineering structures to integrate the train in an existing highway corridor; as well as on the human environment: construction of an overpass to accommodate automobile and train traffic.

Learning objectives:

  • Processes involved in developing a new commuter rail line
  • Adaptation to the various affected areas
  • Challenges of carrying out work in an active railway right-of-way

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