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City of Montréal/STM – Management centre for urban mobility and Traffic Signal Priority (TSP)

Duration: 3 h 00 (including travel round trip)
Number of participants: 30 persons
Departures: 9:00 a.m.

Bus priority measures aim at improving the performance of bus networks in urban areas during periods of heavy traffic.

visit-8-ville-de-montreal-1 visit-8-ville-de-montreal-2

To ensure the interoperability of its preemption systems, the City of Montreal has chosen to centrally manage traffic signal prioritization for buses. Thus, traffic signal priority for buses is granted by the centre de gestion de la mobilité urbaine (management centre for urban mobility) of Montreal (CGMU) rather than by the traffic lights controller located at the intersection. This method allows different transit authorities in the metropolitan area, as well as emergency services, to benefit from a right of way while ensuring sound management of traffic.

During the tour, visitors will:

  • Visit a major boulevard in Montreal equipped with this centralized system of traffic signal prioritization for buses. The interaction between the equipment aboard buses and at the CGMU will be explained in detail.
  • Visit the centre de gestion de la mobilité urbaine of Montreal (CGMU) that monitors mobility and reacts to disturbances on the road network.

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