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Y4PT Global Transport Hackathon

The Y4PT Global Transport Hackathon will take place from 12 to 14 May. Winners will be announced during the Opening ceremony of the UITP Summit on 15 May and the concrete results of the different local hackathons will be exhibited at the Y4PT Hackathon fair from 15 to 17 May.


The Youth For Public Transport (Y4PT) Foundation, with the support of the UITP members and following the long-standing tradition of Y4PT Youth Lab series, has launched since 2016 the organisation of local transport hackathons in 25 major cities by combining the best of boundless human creativity and the benefits of current information and communications technologies in collaborative and visionary environments, with the aim of advancing transport sector towards sustainability.


Y4PT Global Transport Hackathon

Friday 12 May – Sunday 14 May

Winners from each of the local transport hackathons will join other Canada-based ‘hackers’ to compete in a final round to unveil the world’s best ground-breaking transport solutions.

Different local stakeholders such as universities, youth groups, ICT companies, transport operators, authorities, start-up, mentors and programmers have been called to collaborate with Y4PT and to be part of the World’s First Ever Global Transport Hackathon on challenges such as: Health and Sedentary life styles , Air Pollution, Education, Security, Safety, Special needs, Congestion, Urban sprawl, Scarcity of urban space and many others.

Winners will be announced during the Opening Ceremony of the Global Public Transport Summit on Sunday 14 May.

Y4PT Hackathon Fair

Monday 15 May – Wednesday 17 May

Level 5 > Room 514A

All UITP Summit delegates are invited to see the concrete results of more than 30 projects from around the world and new ones generated in Montreal. This is an one-off opportunity to access these projects and support innovation and creativity.

For more info, please contact


Y4PT’s hackathons are part of InnovHub. Follow the bulb to discover the future of public transport.

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